Founder ,   Rosa Maria Sanchez

Founder, Rosa Maria Sanchez



At Coronas of Texas, our wreath designs are handcrafted by our very own founder, Rosa Maria Sanchez. As leaves change with the seasons, our creations do the same. We focus on custom-crafting superior quality designs that are made to bring the festive spirit to your home.

What is a Corona?

In Mexico, the name Corona translates to Wreath; a popular craft the people of various towns would use to hang on their front doors to embellish their home.

Who are we?

Based out of San Antonio, TX; we design and hand make each Corona to your liking. We do not mass produce; each Corona goes through an extensive selection & creation process by our very own Founder Rosa Sanchez. Rosa brings over 30 years experience in custom design and shares this knowledge with her clients through various workshops around Texas.


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